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5 Failproof Strategies for Social Selling

Nov 7, 2016

By Cassiah Jay, Senior Director of Digital Strategy

It may seem obvious at first, but social media is an incredibly rewarding arena for selling products and building a Jeunesse business. There are more than 1.5 billion users active on social media around the globe (LinkedIn alone has upwards of 250 million users)! With Jeunesse’s global platform active in over 100 countries, this is a vast audience of potential buyers who you can attract using a process known as social selling.

The concept behind social selling is simple: Use your reputation and presence on social media to influence your network to take action — like shopping on your Jeunesse website or attending an opportunity event in your area. Keep reading for five proven strategies to take advantage of the social selling trend to grow your Jeunesse business!

💭   Create your personal brand.
The road to social selling begins with a bit of branding. The first step to getting your personal brand off the ground? Start thinking of yourself as a brand! It is important to adopt this mindset early on. As you build your personal brand, your content strategy will determine how your brand’s story unfolds. If your story is relevant and emotionally connects with your audience, your brand is better positioned to attract buyers who want what you have, as well as partners who are interested in becoming part of your Jeunesse team.

If you haven’t yet, secure your brand name — whether it’s your real name, your business’s name, or something made up — on every popular social platform. Aim for consistency. The goal is to maintain a familiar name and image across social platforms. The next order of business is to establish a visual identity. Whether it’s a logo or your professional headshot photo, create or capture a high-quality representation of your brand to display across social media platforms.

📅   Publish on schedule.
Keep it steady. Your audience will appreciate and expect a regular stream of quality content if you truly want to earn their attention. Even if it’s just an hour a day, regularly creating and sharing content your network craves is incredibly important for building an engaged following. Make sure the time you spend social selling is kept separate from your own social media consumption. Stay focused and act with purpose — every post counts.

Share your experiences with Jeunesse products and document your time spent at events and on Lifestyle Rewards trips. Be sure to follow top social influencers for other brands to know what kind of content styles are popular. Tap into your own audience to find great user-generated content to re-share too!

👔   Keep it classy.
Of course, you want to be genuine and not a robot, but remember that what you post on your brand’s social channels represents your professional business. Sharing certain content from your personal life can be a great way to connect with and inspire your audience, but sometimes this content should be kept separate from your personal brand identity. Certain subjects, like politics for instance, can invite more risk than reward for your personal brand. When growing a business on Jeunesse’s global platform, it is important to consider the perceptions of a diverse audience of people from cultures around the world.

It is also necessary to establish and maintain a certain standard of quality content when posting on your brand’s social channels. Social media users are increasingly more savvy and have grown to expect a certain standard of professional content. That doesn’t mean you need to go out and break the bank with expensive equipment either. Take small steps to get big results, like learning the best practices for taking photos and videos with your smartphone or following tutorials on growing your network using features specific to platforms such as LinkedIn or Instagram.

😀   Build real relationships.
Ultimately, successful social selling comes down to building real relationships. Your network will get to know and trust your personal brand as you establish a professional presence on social media and engage them in honest, authentic ways. In turn, you will get to know your audience by listening to them, both individually and collectively. Monitor the content your audience favors using the reporting tools native to platforms like Facebook, or consider adding a more robust service like Hootsuite to your social selling toolkit. By knowing your audience’s unique passions and problems, you can better serve them by providing products to fit their specific wants and needs. Engage your audience’s posts in meaningful ways. Simple things like a sincere compliment as a post comment can go a long way in leaving an impression and making meaningful connections.

📢   Coach your team.
When you begin to master the ropes of social selling, share your knowledge and the resources you learned from with your Jeunesse team! As you monitor your metrics, identify the strategies that were successful in selling products and converting your prospects into Distributors. Help your downline duplicate your playbook and incorporate social selling into their daily online routine. Stay current by following the social profiles of your favorite brands, and be sure to regularly incorporate discussions about current social selling trends into your team meetings. Don’t underestimate the power of social selling when it comes to influencing your network to take the actions you want them to! After all, your team’s success with social selling will directly benefit your entire organization.