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5 Ways to Celebrate Doctor’s Day on March 30

Mar 30, 2016

March 30 is Doctor’s Day, a day to celebrate the positive impact that physicians and medical science have made in our lives. You benefit from the collective wisdom of doctors almost every day. Every time you pick up a bottle of aspirin, rub an anti-aging cream on your face or visit your physician, you reap benefits from the medical and scientific community.

At Jeunesse, our scientific advisory board is comprised of four outstanding medical doctors: Nathan Newman, M.D., Vincent C. Giampapa, M.D., F.A.C.S., William Amzallag, M.D., and Donna Antarr, M.D. Each doctor contributes to the formulation of Jeunesse Global products. Join us in getting to know a bit more about our highly esteemed physician family.

Did you know?

Industry Innovator
Dr. Nathan Newman is Board Certified in Dermatology and owns a fully accredited cosmetic surgery practice in Beverly Hills, California. Dr. Newman is continuously striving to develop new and superior methods of achieving natural cosmetic results with the least risk and most benefit for each individual. He is dedicated to providing the best available care, as well as educating his patients on the latest developments in the cosmetic surgery field. To this end, he writes monthly articles in LA Health News magazine. In addition, he is published in many prestigious medical journals, speaks at numerous medical conferences, and has been recognized by Cambridge Who’s Who for his leadership, dedication and entrepreneurship as a cosmetic surgeon.

International Prestige
Dr. Vincent C. Giampapa is a Nobel Prize nominee — no small feat! An anti-aging authority, Dr. Giampapa is a pioneer in his field. He is one of the first Board Certified anti-aging physicians in the world, internationally recognized as an innovator in new cosmetic and surgical techniques and instrumentation. He is a founding member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and served as the first President of the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine. He is also the author of the first medical textbook on anti-aging medicine and age management for aesthetic surgeons.

European Expertise
Dr. William Amzallag is always a crowd favorite at each Jeunesse event where he presents. Dr. Amzallag has decades of experience in the medical industry, in addition to a 14-year background in the field of network marketing. Dr. Amzallag serves not only as General Manager of the European Union but also as a medical spokesman and advisor. He has a vast scientific and business background in all areas of nutrition and skin care, including, but not limited to, research and development.

Mind-Body Connection
Dr. Antarr began her practice in San Diego, focusing on what was then a radical approach to health: Preventative and Rejuvenation Medicine. This included educating her patients on proper diet, physical activity and the correct use of nutritional supplements. Dr. Antarr has always had a passionate interest in both science and helping people feel healthy and strong, naturally. She is a highly sought-after public speaker who has captivated audiences at countless seminars and conferences worldwide. Her medical expertise spans a wide range of topics related to naturally achieving a state of well-being and rejuvenating the mind and body.

Wondering how to kick up your heels and celebrate this national holiday?

5 ways to celebrate Doctor’s Day

  • Buy a single red carnation, the symbol of National Doctor’s Day, and give it to your doctor, dentist, dermatologist, nurse practitioner, veterinarian or other healthcare provider.
  • Donate blood, plasma or platelets to the Red Cross. To find a donation center near you, call 1-800-RED-CROSS.
  • Watch your favorite doctor drama with some friends on Doctor’s Day: Grey’s Anatomy, General Hospital, House MD, Doc Martin, M*A*S*H*, Scrubs, ER, etc.
  • Follow your doctor’s advice by going out for a brisk walk, a bike ride, a swim or a run on Doctor’s Day.*
  • Post a thank you message to your doctor on Facebook or social media or leave a positive review online.