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Catch the replay of December’s ExecConnect with CVO Scott Lewis

Dec 8, 2016

Yesterday evening, Chief Visionary Officer Scott Lewis went live from Macau for our final ExecConnect episode of 2016. With November growth in many of our markets and recent packed-out events around the world, our Jeunesse family is prepared to finish the year strong and ready to take on the next with a hunger to elevate our positive impact!

Watch the replay and read below for a recap of the highlights from December’s ExecConnect.

Episode Highlights:

Marcel Szajubok, General Manager of Brazil, fills us in on huge growth in his market, following an impressive milestone of $10 million USD in monthly sales revenue in November. This news arrives on the heels of a sold-out Jeunesse University in Brazil with over 6,000 people in attendance! Marcel also covers a number of rank advancements in his market, and gives a shout-out to the strength and synergy of our corporate team working throughout Latin America.

Alex Grapov, Director of Sales in Europe, looks back at the incredible Jeunesse Regional Convention in Berlin, Germany. He also discusses the immense room for continued growth in the region, with Jeunesse now shipping to 52 countries in Europe. Alex gives his perspective on how economic hardships in Europe, such as in his home country of Belarus, are driving Europeans to seek out new areas of opportunity to secure financial freedom, and why Jeunesse is uniquely positioned to meet that demand.

CVO Scott Lewis covers many exciting events coming up in 2017, including Jeunesse LEAD Las Vegas (just around the corner on February 10–12) and the EXPO Elevate worldwide tour visiting five major cities around the globe.

Other key developments on the horizon include:

  • The upcoming launch of M1ND™, the latest product in the Youth Enhancement System, in global markets.

  • EXPO Elevate Early Bird pricing is available until January 1, 2017! To learn more and find tickets, hop over to this post on the blog.

  • Upcoming Jeunesse Lifestyle Rewards trips to several of the most sought-after travel destinations on the planet, including the Emerald Experience to Maui, Hawaii in January.

  • The 2017 Jeunesse Kids™ Bringing Hope trip will take place August 27–September 3, 2017 and will be open for all Distributors to attend. For more information, please email bringinghope@jeunessehq.com.

ExecConnect is your monthly connection to Jeunesse World Headquarters and market leaders from around the world. Tune in each month on Google Hangouts or Facebook Live. For past ExecConnect episodes and other Jeunesse broadcasts, visit http://hangouts.jeunesseglobal.com/what-are-jworld-hangouts/.