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CVO Scott Lewis: Amplifying Impact at EXPO Empower

Aug 22, 2016

We designed our seventh annual Jeunesse EXPO around the core theme of empowerment to help you unleash your potential and amplify your impact on the lives of others. Here is my vision for what this year’s theme will bring to the experience of EXPO Empower and why I hope to see you in Orlando, FL this October 6-9!

Empowerment starts with two things Jeunesse EXPO has always focused on providing: tools and knowledge. EXPO Empower will feature the launch of new digital tools in an award-winning online platform created to give you a powerful command over your Jeunesse business. EXPO will also include the launch of a unique new product in the Youth Enhancement System! Key knowledge for your personal development and business growth can be found in breakout sessions, leadership panels, executive speeches, and from legendary speaker John C. Maxwell. All of the tools and training delivered at EXPO Empower will strengthen you to move past obstacles encountered in business and life.

Recognition is another important aspect of empowerment. The rewards and recognition of our success drive us to continue working hard, raising the bar along the way. EXPO Empower will recognize the amazing performance and rank advancement of hundreds of Distributors from around the world. We will also welcome over 200 Diamond Directors to Orlando to share their knowledge and motivate your team.

Being empowered means trusting in our own abilities and the decisions we make.

This EXPO will also examine how empowerment is an important value we should all strive for and build in others. Once we begin to feel empowered, we realize we have options. The status quo doesn’t need to be followed. We have the freedom to make choices we believe in, those that will bring out our fullest potential. Being empowered means trusting in our own abilities and the decisions we make. Ultimately, when we are empowered, we maximize the positive impact we can make in the world. We have the financial and time freedom to discover opportunities we never thought possible. When we empower the people around us, we give them the freedom to pursue their dreams and contribute their talents in new, meaningful ways.

Scott Lewis
Chief Visionary Officer

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