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Dr. Amzallag: Inside the Anti-Aging Revolution & “The Promise of Immortality”

Jan 23, 2017

For over 40 years, Dr. William Amzallag has been imagining the limitless experiences possible with immortality. He has been on the cutting edge of anti-aging medical advancements, striving to better understand what makes people age, how to reverse aging and how to prevent new aging.

Dr. Amzallag has now shared his insights in a comprehensive book, The Promise of Immortality.


Easy to read and understand — without a medical background — this book addresses important topics to help anyone live a fuller, healthier life. Dr. Amzallag sees the “Anti-Aging Revolution” moving in six directions, guiding you through discussions of how each advancement could impact your life.

If you are prepared to embrace a few changes, you might even find yourself at the cutting edge of the Anti-Aging Revolution, right alongside Dr. Amzallag himself

The 6 Directions of the Anti-Aging Revolution

  1. Stem cell medicine.
    Research into adult stem cells has helped integrate them into advanced anti-aging technologies. Stem cells are being used for treatments in everything from leukemia to skin grafting, with discoveries about the effects occurring every year.
  2. Repairing cellular aging.
    The process of aging starts with DNA, which breaks down over time. By understanding the cellular causes of aging, scientists can develop treatments to reverse its effects.
  3. Epigenetics and environment.
    Genes and environment both affect health. Because genes account for as much as 30% of a person’s health, gene therapies and technologies that improve DNA replication are a constant source of exciting advancements.
  4. Nano-medicine and nano-technologies.
    Microscopic bots are being designed to enter a person’s body and repair damage on a molecular level. Still in the earliest stages of development, the potential for these technologies is limitless.
  5. Balancing nutrition and supplements.
    Personalized nutrition impacts health at every age. As a nutritionist, Dr. Amzallag has been on the forefront of “integrative medicine” and a long-time advocate of taking a holistic, full-person approach to wellness.
  6. Lifestyle is everything.
    Every moment is an opportunity to make choices that affect your health. Meditation, stress levels, the food you eat, your sleep patterns, even the type of books and music you enjoy — all areas of your lifestyle affect your health.

In his book, The Promise of Immortality, Dr. Amzallag discusses how to shape your lifestyle and live the life you want, while enjoying your health for as long as possible.

Want to learn more about aging and how to slow down its effects?
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More About William Amzallag, M.D.
Dr. William Amzallag has degrees in Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, as well as Chinese Medicine. He is interested in promoting longevity and has worked with patients throughout North America and Europe. He currently sits on the medical advisory board at Jeunesse.