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Empower Your Success at Jeunesse EXPO 2016

Sep 5, 2016

October 6–9, 2016

Can you feel it? It’s coming! Join your Jeunesse family from around the globe for EXPO Empower this October 6–9 in Orlando, Florida — home to Jeunesse World Headquarters.

Empower is the inspirational theme for our four-day world convention. Empower is defined, “To give power or authority to; to enable or permit.”

What will you “give power to” at Jeunesse EXPO 2016? Will you empower…
• Your life?
• Your business?
• Your network?
• Your opportunities?
• Your mind?
• Your heart?
• Your lifestyle?
• The world?

The choice is yours! Come make history with us and acquire the tools to empower your success. Tickets are selling fast, so don’t delay. Join us for EXPO 2016 Empower!


We’ve launched the official EXPO website to share all the latest news surrounding this global event.


Stay tuned for more exciting information surrounding EXPO Empower!