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EXPO Empower Recap #6: New Distributor Tools

Oct 21, 2016

In honor of #EXPO7, we’re recapping this historic event with a series of 7 blogs that highlight all the inspiring moments from Orlando. Tune in to read about EXPO’s “unforgettable” product launch, exclusive event packages and all the exciting promotions and tools created to empower your success with Jeunesse.

Let’s continue our #EXPO7 recap series with a closer look at the new Distributor tools that will be rolling out globally and in select markets.

Mark Patterson, Chief Marketing Officer, took to the stage to announce the new sales tools that were created specifically by his talented team for EXPO. Globally, this included a brand new product catalogue, featuring M1ND — the latest addition to the Y.E.S. System — and an updated We Live Jeunesse magazine.

Meredith Berkich, President of North America, then announced the all-new North America sales tools: the Empower System. This comprehensive training system includes powerful assets designed to help new Distributors learn the business quickly. A key component of this system is that it was designed with all learning types in mind. Whether you learn by reading a magazine, flipping through a PowerPoint presentation or watching a video, we have you covered!

“This is the most comprehensive training system we've ever had,” said Berkich. “Hundreds of hours went into developing the Empower System, and I want to thank all who had a part in this. It is truly designed to empower your success. I invite you to use it, share it with your teams and enjoy the benefits.”

(Jcloud™>North America>US English>Empower System)

Stay tuned for our final EXPO Empower Recap!

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