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Happy 7th Birthday, Jeunesse!

Sep 8, 2016

In seven short years, we’ve achieved one billion in annual sales and have been ranked as the fastest-growing direct sales company by Inc. 500. But guess what — that’s just the beginning! As we power into year eight, we’ll be previewing our eighth brand at EXPO Empower, hitting even more record-breaking months and assisting thousands of people all over the world to unleash their potential.

“There is nothing so rewarding as listening to stories about how Jeunesse has made a positive difference in people’s lives. The record-breaking achievements our company has attained could not have happened without our incredible team of Distributors worldwide. Thank you, one and all. Here’s to another awesome year of lives changed, records broken and milestones achieved.”
—Scott Lewis, Chief Visionary Officer

8 Goals for our 8th Year

  1. Delight Customers worldwide with innovative anti-aging products that help them look and feel younger.
  2. Empower Jeunesse Distributors with life-changing events, new recognition programs, pampering lifestyle trips and cutting-edge technology.
  3. Raise $500,000 through Jeunesse Kids™ for disadvantaged children in our adopted villages in Asia, South America and Africa.
  4. Provide visionary thought leadership, sales tools and mentoring to our amazing family of Distributors in 110 countries.
  5. Create a world-class experience for Customers and Distributors worldwide.
  6. Deliver state-of-the-art tools and technology that empower people all around the world to find success with Jeunesse.
  7. Continue to expand the Jeunesse social media community with 20% follower growth across the board and 100% increase in engagement.
  8. After reaching 1 billion in annual sales in 6 years, achieve 2 billion in annual sales in the next two years.

This anniversary comes just before the official ribbon cutting of our magnificent new headquarters building in Lake Mary, Florida. Early next month, local dignitaries, company executives and the media will gather to celebrate the grand opening of this graciously appointed new office, which boasts over 125,000 square feet, a private lake, meeting rooms and a VIP lounge.

Jeunesse extends a collective thank you to all of our Distributors around the world who have contributed to our success.