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How Do You Discover Jeunesse?

Jan 20, 2017

“Jobs don’t offer the things we value, like deep relationships, time and freedom.”Dennis Windsor, Chief Development Officer

Every person comes to Jeunesse from a different background. Everyone has a different story. The one thing they have in common? Passion. When you’re in the room with passionate Jeunesse leaders, the energy sweeps you away.

What is a Discover Jeunesse Event?
A Discover Jeunesse event is the best way to get a full introduction to what Jeunesse is at its core — our products and business model, our people and mission statement:

“The Jeunesse family creates positive impact in the world by helping people look and feel young, while empowering each other to unleash our potential.”

Discover Jeunesse events are held around the world. Some countries hold multiple events every month. Distributors, Executives and leaders of all ranks are encouraged to attend and bring as many guests as they like.

Every Discover Jeunesse event is different, but they all have one thing in common — they are invaluable. Whether you’re new to the Jeunesse family or one of our outstanding leaders, Discover Jeunesse will help you achieve, share, inspire and believe.

What Happens at a Discover Jeunesse Event?
The number-one thing that happens at Discover Jeunesse is you feel the enthusiasm and commitment to a service-minded approach that resonates from our mission statement throughout our entire community.

Discover Jeunesse events offer inspiring storytelling from local and international high-ranking Diamond Directors, regional managers, sales leaders and corporate staff to educate Distributors and guests about the latest developments in products, customer service, marketing, IT and more. At Discover Jeunesse, you can also find out more about the Jeunesse Kids™ charity, as well as upcoming leadership and EXPO events.

North America’s First Discover Jeunesse Event of 2017
On January 18, Jeunesse held our first North America Discover Jeunesse event of the year at Jeunesse World Headquarters in Lake Mary, Florida. The event hall was packed with a buzzing crowd of excited leaders from around the world.

With more than 10 speakers, including high-ranking Diamond Directors and corporate team members, the real highlight of the day was the presentation from Chief Visionary Officer Scott Lewis, who spoke electrically about the exciting direction the company will take in 2017.

“The soul of this company is simple people with big dreams and aspirations, and servants’ hearts.”Scott Lewis, CVO

Additionally, everyone was excited about LEAD 2017 Las Vegas, which is slated for February 9–11. A few people even hinted at the new product that will be revealed at LEAD, saying it will “change the face of what we do.”

Why Attend a Discover Jeunesse Event?
Discover Jeunesse is your snapshot of Jeunesse’s global picture. With presentations on company history and vision, details about current and upcoming products, and a chance to hear from inspiring leaders in a casual setting, there is no other business-building event quite like it.


Check out the Discover Jeunesse Events Calendar to find the next event near you!