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Introducing Nevo Energy Drinks

Nov 15, 2015 | NEVO

We were thrilled to launch Nevo, our new safe and smart energy drink, at The Americas Convention this past weekend in Orlando, Florida. The brand’s sleek white cans with black tops made quite the impression, as Jeunesse continues to develop products that help people look and feel young.

Loaded with B-vitamins, Nevo offers a fresh twist on energy in four refreshing flavors: Mixed Berry, Açai Grape, Peach Mango and Lemon Ginger. Nevo will be priced at$53.95/30 CV per case (24 cans).

Featuring real fruit juices, Nevo contains:

  • Only 50 calories per can
  • Just the right amount of energy  
  • No artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners

We didn’t create the energy drink… we just perfected it. When it comes to your energy needs, it’s time to make the smart choice. It’s time to Nevo.

Order all four flavors now through your Joffice™!