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Jeunesse Builds Global Field Development Team

Nov 17, 2016

Jeunesse was fortunate to add Dennis Windsor, Chief Development Officer, to our Jeunesse family over the past two quarters. Dennis has spent his first 90 days traveling the globe and getting to know the local corporate and field leaders and teams who are driving this company forward. He has gained a great appreciation for the Jeunesse vision and has been inspired by seeing it come to life at global regional events, recognition dinners, incentive trips and in many conversations with teams and leaders around the world.

And now, Dennis is growing the Global Field Development team to include Katy Holt-Larsen who will serve as Vice President of Global Field Development and Lucy West as Senior Director of Global Field Development. Together, this dynamic team will work in synergy with Jeunesse Founders, Global Management and Top Field Leaders to establish enhanced focus on equipping our Distributors to achieve even greater success.

The overall mission of the team is to develop the Jeunesse Global Distributor field into a synergistic, well-trained, thoroughly equipped and empowered network marketing organization by establishing and training a "Jeunesse Rhythm."

Through the “Jeunesse Rhythm,” Distributors will be guided, educated, trained and driven to operate their business-building efforts from the time of enrollment through their attendance at the annual EXPO events, then simply repeating this rhythm on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis.

“I'm very excited about plans for helping our Distributors continue building successful local and global organizations," said Scott Lewis, Chief Visionary Officer. "This is yet another step in unifying our Distributor field and empowering them to break even more records in the upcoming years.”

“I believe the greatest days are ahead of us and am excited to lead this talented and passionate team," said Dennis Windsor, Chief Development Officer. "Together, we will further establish a global “Rhythm” that will empower our Distributors to achieve their dreams with Jeunesse!”