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March 2016 Jeunesse Kids Days in Utah and Florida

Jun 1, 2016

Jeunesse Kids™ Days: March 2016

The first employee-supported Jeunesse Kids Days were held during the month of March. In a unified effort of both East and West offices, employees volunteered at local Boys & Girls Clubs in Florida and Utah. The Boys & Girls Club provides after school supervision and activities to nearly four million American children who would otherwise be home alone until their parents return from work. The club was established to provide a safe, fun environment that celebrates learning and fitness, and keeps kids off the streets and out of trouble. In total, 30 employees at the Jeunesse Florida and Utah corporate offices donated two hours of time each at Boys & Girls Clubs, totaling almost 60 hours of combined service from the Jeunesse Corporate Team.

March 14–18 Jeunesse Kids Days in Florida

Just days after the LEAD event in Las Vegas, Alya Poplawsky rounded up 20 volunteers from the Jeunesse Headquarters to help run after school programs at the Boys & Girls Club in Altamonte Springs, Florida. For an entire week, Jeunesse employees played games with program participants, volunteered in the kitchen, helped kids with testing, and provided a positive influence in the lives of youth. “Every employee I spoke with had an incredible experience and asked when they could volunteer again,” said Alya Poplawsky. Kathy Padilla loved the experience of “being able to help young minds,” and Jacky Baca commented, “There is nothing more rewarding and fulfilling than finishing a long and busy workweek by giving back… It was an extremely humbling experience…”

March 30–31 Jeunesse Kids Days in Utah

The Jeunesse West office sent two teams of volunteers to the Boys & Girls Club in Murray, Utah on the last two days of the month. Employees enjoyed the chance to give back and serve the community. Some played basketball with grade school age kids, while others did crafts with youngsters, played games, supervised kids in the gym and read stories to little ones. “I played jump rope and basketball with a group of kids and really enjoyed feeling like a kid again myself,” said Kelly Smith. “It’s wonderful to be working for a company that values children and their overall well-being.” Tyler Whatcott commented, “When we got to the Boys & Girls Club, you should have seen their faces light up! All the kids ran over to ask us questions and have us come play with them.”

Get Involved!

Jeunesse kicked off Jeunesse Kids Days in March and will continue to support group volunteer opportunities for employees on a monthly basis. We encourage Jeunesse Distributors to get involved in your communities by spearheading local projects that benefit children. Start a project today and share what you’ve done with your team at #JNSKids.

“Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see."
—John F. Kennedy, 35th President of the United States