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New Empower Jkit Now Live in Joffice

Nov 14, 2016

North America (United States, Puerto Rico, Bermuda)

Great news! The newly released Empower Jkit™ is now live in Joffice™. This comprehensive system was designed to support new Distributors in growing their business quickly. Say “yes” to your success and empower your business today!

Empower Jkit includes:

  • Jkit Blue Box
  • Welcome Letter
  • Product Catalogue
  • Product Samples (7-day Luminesce® serum sample)
  • We Live Jeunesse Magazine
  • Takeaway Brochure
  • The Guide to Social Selling
  • Share Packs — 2-pack (Sign-up resources for Customers and Distributors)
  • How to Earn Brochure
  • Distributor Marketing Guide
  • Jeunesse Sticker

Not only will the Empower Jkit be included in North America Starter Kits ($49.95), but it can also be purchased individually ($19.95) in your Joffice under Marketing Materials (United States, Puerto Rico, Bermuda).

“This easy to duplicate system is designed to empower the newest Distributor to succeed – even with no experience in social selling,” said Meredith Berkich, President of North America. “I invite you to learn it, use it, share it with your teams and enjoy the benefits.”

Note: Anyone who has signed up as a United States or Bermuda Distributor since October 1, 2016 will receive the new Empower Jkit, even if they’ve received a previous version of the Jkit.