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On-the-Go Snacks Keep You Fueled Up for Fun

Jun 14, 2016

Summer is almost here! It’s time for picnics, trips to the zoo, walks along the beach, fishing at the lake, baseball games, barbecues and theme parks. With the warming temperatures and the increase in outdoor activity, this time of year often inspires healthier eating habits and more exercise. Read on for six ways to make this a healthy summer.

1. Keep healthy snacks on hand for all your outdoor adventures. Reserve™ antioxidant blend is a convenient snack you can toss in a backpack, purse or picnic basket. Reserve is great for people of all ages. Each low-calorie serving is packed with antioxidant-rich fruit juice from dark sweet cherry, resveratrol, açaí berry, Concord grape, blueberry and pomegranate.

2. Round out picnics and barbecues with fresh vegetables. Skip chips and cookies, and chop up sweet bell peppers, carrots, celery, broccoli, zucchini or fresh fruit.

3. Need a kick of energy? Stay away from soda and typical energy drinks, and enjoy energy the healthy way. Before heading out for your daily adventures, slip a few cans of Nevo™ into your bag for a fruit-infused pick-me-up you can feel good about.

4. Skip fast food, snack bars and other not-so-healthy eating choices by keeping ZEN Fuze™ protein shakes on hand. For a high-protein meal you can eat on the go, measure one scoop of ZEN Fuze protein shake into a ZEN BODI™ shaker bottle and screw the lid on. When hunger hits, just add water for a smooth and delicious protein shake you can drink anytime, anywhere.

5. Grill healthy. Warm temperatures mark the official beginning of barbecue season. Remember to barbecue chicken and fish more often than beef and pork. When you do grill red meat, select lower fat cuts of meat (such as loin, round, choice and select) instead of prime cuts of meat, which are much higher in fat. And remember — grilling doesn’t have to be all about meat. Grill vegetables like bell peppers, onions and mushrooms on skewers. Grilled fruits, like pineapple and peaches, make a tasty dessert.

6. Drink plenty of water and low-calorie beverages. Warmer weather and more sunshine means you’ll need more water to stay hydrated. Keep extra bottles of water in your car, purse or backpack. Add slices of citrus fruit to ice water for refreshing flavor.

The biggest key to eating healthy when you’re on the go is to have a plan before hunger strikes. It’s easy to cave in to the temptation of eating unhealthily when you’re hot, tired and hungry. With a little forethought, you can plan healthy snacks and meals that your friends and family will love and that will keep you on track to a healthy future.