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Upcoming Lifestyle Rewards Trips to be Announced at EXPO

Oct 4, 2016

Join us in Orlando and check out the treasure trove of travel incentives coming in 2017! Learn how being the captain of your own ship could literally set you sailing to luxurious travel destinations. With Jeunesse Lifestyle Rewards, you will travel in sheer 5-star luxury and style, where you’re treated like a VIP every step of the way. By the end of your expedition, you’ll have gained new memories, new mates and new mentors.

Find out how to qualify for your luxury vacation on Saturday, October 8.

On Day 3 of EXPO, market Presidents will announce the upcoming incentive trips and qualifying details.

“We could never have imagined being here in this incredible destination, and having this kind of
treatment in Switzerland…”

— Jeunesse Diamond Distributor

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Start planning now to depart in Jeunesse style on the exciting Lifestyle Rewards destinations of 2017!

“We look forward to the rest of you being here, as many as possible…join us!”
—Wendy Lewis, Jeunesse Founder and COO

Before the ship sails, come to EXPO and discover how to earn your 2017 Lifestyle Rewards.