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When Your Work Isn't Work Anymore

Apr 1, 2016

Happy International Fun at Work Day! Since it’s also April Fool’s Day, the opportunities for innocent fun are endless. But why should fun at work be limited to just one day of the year? Where’s the fun in that?

Most people know the feeling that comes from working a job they hate. Watching the clock, stretching out breaks, counting your paper clips, hate.

But do you recognize it when your work isn’t work anymore? Look for these auspicious signs that you’re doing what you love:

  • 1. You aren’t looking to get away from work to go play.

Work doesn’t feel like work; it’s something you enjoy doing and fortunately get paid to do! Your vocation is also your avocation. This is the clear green light that you love what you do!

  • 2. You get excited to start the day, pretty much every day.

Of course, we all have our “off” days, but if you’re happy to get out of the house and do what you have to do for the day, that’s definitely a good sign.

  • 3. For the most part, life feels pretty darn terrific.

Feeling happy most of the time and naturally content with your position is a sign that you’re doing what you ought to be doing. Key indicators to look for: smiling more than frowning, clear-minded and thinking positively. In short, life feels good because it is good!

  • 4. You can’t wait to finish, in order to start again.

If you love what you do, then the actual work is what you enjoy the most! People who are just looking to get it done and out of the way as quickly as possible probably don’t love what they do.

One more thing: If you feel like your current job fits the description of “work,” then check out the entrepreneur options with Jeunesse! Life is short — spend it doing what you love!